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Backlund Ecology - Consulting and Sales Urine Diverting Toilet, Sustainable Sanitation (Ecological Sanitation)Dry Waterless Toilet and Ultra-Low-Flush and Vacuum Toilets in EcoVillages and Smart City sustainable buildings.  Recycling Resources  - from Waste to Resources from a Metabolic Rift to a Metabolic Shift, Sustainable Solutions for Waste Water Treatment, Multifunctional Willow Systems and Plantations producing Biomass Energi and Phytoremediation of Cadmium in soils. Selected other Sustainable Metabolic important Components, Systems and Solutions.

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  • Advice regarding Ecological Sanitation in Eco Villages, Eco Lodges and Off Grid Houses and areas not connected to sewers as Summer Cottages, Allotment Gardens and including PeeCycling/BeerCycling from Festivals, Camping Sites, Sports Facilities.
  • Advice regarding Zero Discharge Willow Evapotranspiration Systems and Multifunctional Short Rotation Willow Plantations Combining producing Energy Willow with Phytoremediation of Soils from Cadmium.
  • Advice regarding Public Private Cooperation between Municipalities, Wastewater Treatment Plants, Central Heating Plants and Farmers enabling Closing the Loop between Wastewater, Energy Willow and Energy Production.
  • Advice assisting Consultants and Authorities as experts in our specialized areas
  • Marketing Game Changers in the process from a Metabolic Rift to Metabolic Shift
  • Lectures at Universities, Courses, Seminars, Workshops, Organizing Site Visits in Denmark and Sweden.
  • Participation in National and International Projects.
  • Backlund Ecology was established in 1986 contributing to a Metabolic Shift away from the Metabolic Rift handling among others Streams of Water & Nutrients.


Member of "Sustainable Sanitation Alliance (SuSanA)"
Member of Engineers Without Borders /p>
Member of Seniors Without Borders
Member of Eco-Net
Member of Friends of the Earth (NOAH)


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